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Hello there! Let me introduce you to +50DOCV, an initiative of the HeyDay Foundation
This project focuses on strengthening one's skills in early warning and managing health risks.



People who survived serious illnesses find it hard to resume professional activities as often they need to change their profession, field, and company.

Working and being professionally active can positively affect sick people physically and emotionally, provided it is well-adjusted to their needs and abilities. Here are some ways in which work and work-related activities can help survivors:

  • Self-worth: Working can help sick people maintain their sense of identity and social value. It allows them to be active and feel like they are valuable members of the society.
  • Emotional stability: Work can give us daily structure and routine, which can be especially important for people suffering from mental and neurological disorders. Any kind of routine can help with maintaining emotional stability.
  • Financial independence: Work enables sick people to earn money on their own, which can bring financial freedom and lessen the feeling of being a burden to families and caretakers.
  • Relationships: Work can give access to a work community and environment that can be a source of emotional support. You can make new relationships and make new friends at the workplace.
  • Development of new skills. Work can be an excellent opportunity to develop personal and professional skills. For some people, it can end up in promotion.
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle: Work activity can encourage a healthy lifestyle, as people gain the opportunity to be more active and engage in daily duties.
  • Structure and routine. Work can give you a daily structure and routine, that is important for those suffering from mental and neurological problems. Repetitiveness can help to maintain emotional stability.
  • Avoiding isolation: Sick people can suffer from social isolation. Having work lessens this feeling by providing the opportunity to meet other people and be a part of the community.


For the +50DOCV Programme, we invite employers and individual people. Right now we are preparing eight people to start a new work activity.


Here are some services we offer to our attendees:

  • psychological support
  • a mentoring program focusing on developing soft skills
  • help with rebranding or resuming a career


Interested to know more details? Contact us, we are here FOR YOU

We also encourage you to support our project and foundation with a DONATION:

HeyDay Foundation
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